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The silent protagonist 734-F's (LEAF) village has suddenly come under attack of a downpour of rain. Homes have been destroyed, and villagers electrocuted/drowned. As the village chieftain, it is your duty to find the source of the rain, and seek justice for your fallen family and friends.


Use the arrow keys to move, space to jump. *HINT* The down arrow is used to perform actions on tiles you are standing above.

Extra Information
Overall, took about ~2 weeks. Also this is my first Gamemaker game, so it was a big learning experience. Music graciously composed by my bud Victor.

Known issues include: 

  1. Sometimes the character can clip into the wall when falling, usually you can maneuver out.
  2. The rain is a little slow in following the character, especially when respawning.
  3. You can get stuck in the bosses' hands when they are moving. In my experience the boss would eventually kill me but it has been reported that this hasn't always happened.

In the future I would like to expand this to actually be a full game with multiple levels/bosses and an actual story.

Install instructions

Unzip and play the executable.


downpour.rar 3 MB


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What are the pink crystally things?

Laser hazards. Originally I wanted to do an animated water pumps or something similar but it turns out animated tiles are not super simple to implement in Gamemaker.