Clara and Rob have broken up after a long-lasting relationship. Naturally, they end it through an all-out brawl. Collect memories of the relationship together and store them in your heart, while also fighting off your ex.

You can only store 5 memories on your character at a time, and the burden of each memory slows your movement and increases your character size. Dashing for a quick burst of speed into your ex will push them back and make them drop a memory.

Originally built for two players, but also supports a single player version.

Artwork by Simon Li:
Music by Victor Li Wang


For player 1, use WASD to move and F to dash.
For player 2, use Arrow keys to move and Right-Shift to dash.

Extra Information

This was made for the MyFirstGameJam Winter 2018 in roughly 3 days. Originally we had planned for a totally different concept (a puzzle game where you drew on the ground), and scrapped it because it just didn't feel right. Maybe that game will come at a later time.

Install instructions

Download and play the executable.


Heartbroken.exe 635 kB

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